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Mustus-Excellentia - Synonym for Simplified & Integrated HRMS is equipped with automated management of Performance Appraisal, Recruitment, HR Helpdesk, Leave Management, Daily Timesheet.

It is very user friendly solution that cuts lots of direct & indirect HR costs along with a time saving of HRD. It reduces delays, cuts inefficiencies and administrative hassles. Since all your employees' information can be stored on a centralized database, you will be able to view the talent pool in your group companies in seconds for effective deployment of skills & speedy strategic decision making.

Why 360?? Because this performance management system comes at your organisation from every angle... with the intention of turning it right around. It is an objective, competency-based system which we feel surpasses traditional rating systems in its ability to take an organisation's pulse and detect weaknesses. The Excellentia 360 Degree Performance Management System can be used to:

1. Provide a 'gap analysis' between personal perception and others' perceptions of individual and team performance.
2. Focus managers and staff on areas that need development. Recognise and maintain areas of individual and team strength.
3. Monitor and improve team and individual performance over time.
4. Approach performance issues in a non-confrontational, constructive manner (due to the confidentiality and anonymity of the process).
5. Develop performance development plans for individuals and teams.
6. Develop individual or team-based training needs analysis programmes.

The benefits of using Mustus-Excellentia include:

1. Simple Time-Saving Solution Unique to your Company or Organisation
2. Easily accessible technology and logistics Cost Effective Solution
3. Simple Time-Saving Solution

You continue taking care of business while Excellentia takes responsibility for running the performance management system. The process starts with the development of questions in consultation with you, and continues through to the delivery of the performance management reports and recommendations. All the key decision makers in the performance management process can track its progress using an online monitoring tool.

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