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Impulsive Grid Security
Trinfin Product Suite

With the growing need of rapid development, business usually focuses on their strength while the security is left aside to be tweaked in later in the game. Recently trend clearly suggests that product analysts started taking the concern seriously and more product companies look at the security as their prime target in their delivery. Online data distribution, digital signing, dongles have all been tried out but the results are far below the expectation.
After intense research, Mustus came up with Impulsive Grid Security over HDD after getting overwhelming responses in the Compact Disk and Universal Serial Bus devices. IGS is a yet another milestone in the field of data security. IGS offers indissoluble resistance in data storage and its abstract retrieval to stop data piracy.

IGS allow companies to even protect their data after their installation at the live environment. Hard disk can be protected using Remote Disk Agent utility that allows companies to secure the part of the hard disk where usually sensitive contents are kept.

The Layer uses header key to mask the secure region of the Trinfin volume using encryption. The technique that Trinfin uses to generate the parent and the inferior header key specified in 512-bit is used that means it generates 2512 keys for each strings that significantly decreases the vulnerability to Lexical attacks. The primary key function is based on HMAC-SHA-1. The length of the derived key does not depend on the size of the output of the underlying hash function. Header keys used by ciphers in a cascade are mutually independent, even though they are derived from one key. The key is then divided into three 256-bit keys, out of which the first key is used by AES, the second key is used by Serpent, and the third by AES. Hence, even when an adversary has one of the keys, he cannot use it to derive the other keys, as there is no feasible method to determine the password from which the key was derived. Data writing and its accessibility are controlled by an auto-learning generative producer that converts the data in a proprietary .igs format. The data residing in the disk is protected against all hacks while the access too is layer through In-Memory patching at its display in a custom editor. Further updates will be revealed soon.

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