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Keeping the tradition of contributing the society, Mustus continue their intensive research on Medical science to bridge the gap in this wide domain. Dhanvantri started in the year 2004 with four students from PICT institute came together for the noble cause. The idea straight away touches the pain area of the society. Medical science has always been a progressive stream. The induction of new drugs, innovative treatments and complicated procedures are continual. On one side we have continual effort in bringing new science of treatment; the implementation is kept unnoticed while the impact is enormous.

Most of the time, we take the first opinion from any doctor and follow that with discipline. However factors like unavailability of the drug, its cost and our resistance towards that drug contributes in deviation. We often take the alternative medicine after talking to the store keeper and unknowingly invite trouble. Many a times we could not get through the doctor and take the alternate one without investigating on its side effects and all. To some extent our doctors asks us our medical history and examine the body state but that does not happen always. We, many a times can not explain the symptoms properly and that causes some confusion around the treatment.

With an intention to contribute to the social cause, Mustus Research Labs started their intensive research in the domain. The core infrastructure around getting the symptoms and finding the root cause was a challenge to the team. The team came up with a revolutionary 'Somariya Parser' that uses a custom shortest path algorithm to define the possible cause. It is the heart of the expert system. There is an automated review cycle that keeps the updates from the scientific field on new diseases and its indications. The appropriate drugs, its contraindication etc are always updated via silent parser. The parsed data is then sent to the lab setup where the pool of doctors assigns their satisfaction percentage. Depending on the percentage, the parsed data is sent to the live setup and can start taking participation in the algorithm.

The team is putting their sincere effort in making an automated center to facilitate the user. Keeping villages in mind, the automated center will have expert session on phone calls. The session will ensure for all the required data and the data will be sent to the Somariya parser and eventually participate in the path algorithm. The root cause will be identified and will be sent across to the person.

Some possible areas where the system can provide huge assistance are:

  •   Second opinion - User can throw symptoms and can get the possible root cause. They can match
      that against the doctor comment and can decide if they are getting the right treatment.

  •   Medicine alternatives - If a user is not finding the medicine or the medicine is costly and they need   the nearest alternative, they can find their answer in Dhanvantri.

  •   First Aid - In some cases where availability of doctors is a concern, Dhanvantri can provide initial     assistance to start the first aid.

    Dhanvantri can be accessed through: -

  •   An automated call center where a user can dial in to get the requirement information. It supports   communication in both English and Hindi languages.

  •   It can be accessed through the website.

  •   Mobile users can access it through their GPRS   interfaces as well.

  • Dhanvantri got some special recognition in the society. In the year 2005, the   project was showcased in a technical summit in Germany. It won a whopping 12 awards till date   and it is yet to roll in the society. Mustus Research Lab is confident that Dhanvantri will go live by February 2009.

    Post your comments to dhanvantri@mustus.com

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